Centro de Comercio Alternativo

Centro de Comercio Alternativo

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What is the Centro de Comercio Alternativo?

The Centro de Comercio Alternativo (CCA) is an initiative of the Union de Agricultores Minifundistas, which is dedicated to promoting food sovereignty and sustainable development in Guatemala.

The CCA was founded in 2005 to:

  • Provide a sales venue for sustainably grown and processed agricultural products
  • Provide training in product development, marketing and sales for small producers
  • Facilitate alliances between fair trade organizations in Guatemala

Your purchase ensures that farmers and food processers are paid a fair wage for their work and supports the sustainable development of rural communities.

Why Comercio Alternativo?

Comercio Alternativo is an economic system that:

  • Promotes sustainable and equitable trading relationships
  • Guarantees fair wages and fair labor conditions
  • Requires democractic and transparents organizations and the full participation of men and women
  • Promotes environmental conservation
  • Encourages sustainable rural development
  • Emphasizes responsible consumption and resource use

Misión CCA

Develop and support initiatives and alternative market just at the local, regional and national levels. Improve conditions of integral life of women and men in the rural areas of Guatemala.

Vision CCA

Being an entity of intermediation services, fair trade between women and men smallholders in rural communities and consumers in the country and other countries, with the purpose of generating relations of equity in trade.

Objetive CCA

Commercialize products processed in groups and association members of UAM, promoting fair trade that respects and supports the production of peasants with equity.